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Damaged Baggage Quotation

Damaged Baggage Quotation

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So the airline, cruise ship or taxi driver has damaged your luggage and they have asked for a quotation to have the bag repaired or replaced.  We are here to help you.

Once you purchase this Damaged Baggage Quotation please email info@sydneyluggagecentre.com.au the following images:-

1. A clear picture of the front of the bag

2. A clear picture of the damage on the case

Please include a description of the damage if it's not clear by looking at the images of what the damage is.

3. Please advise the name the quotation is to be in if it's not the same as the name on the order

4. A picture of the orginal purchase receipt if you would like the value of the item on the quotation.  If no purchase receipt is supplied or we are unable to estimate the replacement value if the bag will need to be replaced then no value will be put on the quote.



If you return to Sydney Luggage in store to purchase a new bag over the value of $100.00 or return to have your bag repaired the fee that you have paid of $49.50 will be deducted off the repair price or off the price of the new bag that you purchase over $100.00 and you just pay the difference.  This service is not available on online purchases.  There is a 3 month expiration on this service from date of issue of quotation.