Tourist Refund Scheme
19/ Apr


Did you know that you can claim your tax back on some items that you purchase before your travel ?

It's called the Tourist Refund Scheme or TRS.

So you are travelling overseas soon and you are looking at buying a new laptop, sunglasses , camera , cosmetics or even some new luggage.


You need to spend $300.00 or more in one transaction within 60 days of you leaving to head overseas.  You also need to be able to take the items with you , so the flat screen you have been looking to purchase might be a tad too big .

Think about it .  If you spend say $400.00 on a new case and some travel accessories the gst would be around $40.00.  That could pay for a meal or a few drinks while you are away.

Do your research before you head off , here's the link to get yourself informed:

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