If you’re preparing for an outdoor adventure, then you need an Osprey backpack. This popular line is sought after by action seekers the world over because of its amazing quality and durability. Designed specifically for challenging conditions, you’ll be able to walk, hike, climb and more with total confidence. Look to Sydney Luggage for a wide range of Osprey backpacks and bags that always make for a perfect fit, regardless of destination. Shop online or visit us in-store to find out more about what we have to offer. Enjoy affordable prices and free shipping Australia wide on orders over $100*.


The origin of Osprey bags

Osprey began as the brainchild of Mike Pfotenhauer, who founded the company in Santa Cruz, California, in 1974. Initially, Mike focused on custom-fitted, made-to-order backpacks for local backpackers and hikers. Over time, Osprey evolved into a globally recognised brand, celebrated for its high-quality products and practical, innovative designs.

Today, Osprey has expanded beyond backpacks to offer a wide array of products, including luggage, waist bags, and toiletry bags. This journey, from custom-fitted packs to a diverse product range, highlights Osprey's commitment to quality and versatility. Discover your favourite Osprey bags at Sydney Luggage.

The Osprey difference

Osprey backpacks and bags are high performing and innovative, providing outdoor enthusiasts with exactly what they need to conquer new challenges. Whether it’s a mountain peak, a flowing river or anything else, trust that this is one brand that won’t let you down. Shop for premium quality packs, bags and backpacks and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from going with the best. Expect features such as padded tubular side handles, durable stretch-woven side pockets, zippered hipbelt pockets and more when you purchase an Osprey design. At Sydney Luggage, we can help with a wide selection of bags from this brand, such as traditional backpacks, compact porter designs, hybrid roller options among others. Shop with us and you’ll always be in good hands.   

Browse our collection of Osprey bags

Each Osprey product at Sydney Luggage is crafted to meet high quality and durability standards, ensuring they are reliable companions for your journeys. We offer a variety of Osprey bags that cater to different needs:

  • Osprey Backpacks: These are designed for both urban and outdoor adventures, offering comfort and functionality. They are perfect for daily use or for taking on more rugged trails.
  • Osprey Luggage: Our Osprey luggage range is robust and reliable, perfect for more extended travel. They offer ample space and are built to endure the rigours of journeying.
  • Osprey Waist Bag: Ideal for those who need their essentials close at hand, these waist bags combine convenience with ease of movement.
  • Osprey Hiking Bag: Specifically designed for hiking, these bags are equipped with features that ensure comfort and efficiency on the trails.
  • Osprey Toiletry Bag: Compact and practical, these toiletry bags are great for organising your personal items during your travels.

Take Osprey backpacks to your next adventure

For those who love backpacking and adventures, Osprey bags are essential. Crafted from durable materials, these backpacks are designed to endure the rigours of travel and outdoor activities. During unpredictable weather, like sudden rain showers, Osprey bags prove invaluable with their waterproof features, keeping your belongings dry and secure. Adventurers can confidently explore the world, knowing their gear is well-protected. 

In Australia, Sydney Luggage is your reliable supplier of these robust, trusted Osprey bags, supporting your adventurous spirit with quality equipment. 

About Sydney Luggage 

We’re committed to providing customers with a comprehensive selection of bags, backpacks, luggage options and more. Our team supplies quality products and only works with leading manufacturers from around the world to ensure that you have access to the best. From rollers and cabin luggage to durable packs designed for hiking, we have all of your needs sorted. Choose our family owned business and you’ll always find the right fit for your needs.  

Top-tier customer service

Sydney Luggage is steadfast in providing you with exceptional customer service. We take great pleasure in assisting our customers, always prioritising their needs with utmost care. Whether you're exploring our range during an Osprey sale or seeking advice on various products, our team is ready to provide detailed information. 

In addition to Osprey, we offer a variety of brands like Guess and Samsonite, giving you a wide selection to meet your diverse preferences. It's always our goal to provide you with a satisfying shopping experience.

Expansive warranty and easy return policy 

At Sydney Luggage, every Osprey bag comes with comprehensive warranty coverage, assuring you of both quality and robust customer support with every purchase. These warranties underline our confidence in the durability and reliability of the Osprey range, making them ideal for everything from business travel to family vacations. Should you need any assistance, our customer service team is readily available for queries, returns, exchanges, or guidance on warranty claims. 

We strive to ensure a seamless process, making your experience hassle-free. For an efficient claim or return process, please follow our instructions and prepare the needed documentation.

Buy Osprey packs in Australia

If you live in Australia and are looking to buy Osprey backpacks and bags, then shop online with Sydney Luggage. We provide affordable prices to customers along with free shipping on orders over $100*. Contact us to find out more.