Make your daily commute easier with a wheeled travel backpack. After all, who says you can’t have the best of both worlds? Wheel the bag when walking from the office to another location in the city or carry it on your back while riding public transport. It’s never been easier to organise your laptop, iPad, files, cables and more, all in one bag that does the lot. 



Enjoy the convenience of a wheeled travel backpack

Make an entrance walking into fancy hotels with a wheeled backpack. Airport lineups have never been easier when wheeling along your backpack rather than kicking it along as you edge closer to the counter. And of course, you won’t have to worry about hoisting a backpack on and off your back every time you need to access something. There’s many conveniences to enjoy about our wheeled backpacks. 

Perhaps best of all is that each of our wheeled travel backpacks contain compartments for easy access. Sturdy, solid and not easily collapsible although it is expandable, our wheeled backpacks provide ease with smooth rolling corner mounted wheels. View our range of wheeled backpacks today. You should have a lightweight backpack with wheels on your next trip.

Bag on Wheels Designed to Lighten Your Load

Travelling is such a thrill until lugging around heavy bags hurts your back. Good news: our bag on wheels can give your back the break it truly deserves. We have a collection of lightweight backpacks with wheels designed to ensure your travels are free from the added strain. 

These nifty wheels will keep your load feeling significantly lighter. Pacing from one spot to another will require little to no effort. The next time you're on the move, remember there's no need to shoulder all that weight. Give our bag on wheels a whirl and travel smart!

Shop online for all your travel bag needs

Sydney luggage Centre is proud to offer a large collection of travel gear in Australia. In addition to our wheeled travel backpacks, we also offer hard luggage, carry on luggage, soft luggage, RFID products and travel backpacks. We really do have everything you need to keep your items safe while travelling.

We also offer free shipping on eligible items and to specific postcodes. Shop online now at Sydney Luggage Centre.