Looking for a comfortable, casual bag to hold your belongings? The sling backpacks and bags provide optimal comfort and versatile wear. Suitable for any lifestyle, this unisex bag style securely holds all your essentials wherever you’re going, near or far. Sydney Luggage is your number-one stop for the hottest sling bags in Australia. Keep on browsing to find the perfect bags for you.


Comfortable, convenient slinger bags

The slinger bag collection is designed with cool, modern features like anti-theft technology, hidden pockets, internal attachments for your wallet and keys, RFID technology and cut-resistant materials. With these superior protective features, you can go about your day or travel with peace of mind. 

This cool slinger bag offers the traveller more than one way to wear it: whether you prefer a single or dual-shoulder backpack is up to you. The sling packs can also be worn on your waist, against your front or behind your back. 

Sling bags of all sizes

Whether you're hitting the city streets, a music fest, or simply hanging out with friends, sling bags have become a fashion necessity. At Sydney Luggage, we keep providing the trendiest sling bags in Australia, coming in various sizes to match your every mood and moment.

Compact sling bags are perfect for quick errands or when you want to keep it light. But if you need a bit more space, medium-sized sling bags can accompany you on spontaneous adventures. However, when you're packing more than just the essentials, large sling bags become a must-have. They're the ultimate blend of fashion and functionality, ready for anything you throw their way. If you are travelling locally or abroad, take home an RFID bag as well to secure your essentials.

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A trusted supplier in travel luggage and essentials, Sydney Luggage offers a wide range of choices for all types of travellers. We offer our customers the most competitive prices on a range of popular brands such as Guess, Black Wolf and more. 

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