Collection: SECRID

Developed in Holland, Secrid has led the charge in the production of premium leather wallets. Made from high-quality leather and aluminium materials, each Secrid card slide wallet is designed to last everyday wear and tear while still maintaining its unique, sleek style. Carrying one immediately breathes sophistication into whatever ensemble you are wearing.

Featuring quick access mechanisms, all Secrid wallets provide a simple and easy way to access your cash and cards. Ditch the bulky, overstuffed wallet and opt for something sleeker and more streamlined that also protects your cards from bending, breaking or being tapped by unwanted RFID and NFC communication.


Modern style and uncompromised security

Sometimes, people compromise the security of their valuables for fashion. Fortunately, with Secrid, you can stay in style while ensuring the safety of your essential belongings. Secrid has led the charge in crafting premium leather wallets that redefine how we carry cash, cards, and everything in between.

No more fumbling through an overstuffed wallet. Every Secrid card slide wallet features instant access mechanisms that allow you to easily take out cash and cards. Secrid offers simplicity and functionality, ensuring you can access what you want when needed. A sleek RFID card holder can even slide through its smooth pockets.

In a world where your wallet is an extension of your identity, do not settle for the ordinary. Choose Secrid from Sydney Luggage and immerse in the security, style, and sophistication our slide wallets have to offer. Stay looking razor-sharp while carrying your valuables. 

Secrid slim wallets available online or in-store

Shop the best-selling Miniwallet collection, popular amongst businessmen, with a variety of styles and colours available. With a compact design but large storage capacity, the Miniwallet collection boasts slots for 4-6 credit cards, bank notes, business cards and receipts, all in a sleek design that will fit in any pocket.

The Moneyband collection provides a small solution for banknotes, cards and receipts. Secured by a colourful elastic band and stainless-steel frame, the organisational techniques on the inside keep everything firmly in place. The money band on the outside is a creative and stylistic solution to help keep track of your loose cash.

Keep your personal belongings safe during travel, shop at Sydney Luggage 

View the entire range of Secrid wallets. Sydney Luggage stocks the full collection including Cardprotector, Slimwallet, Cardslide, Miniwallet and Twinwallet. Whether you are looking for a wallet you can use every day or one that can be utilised specifically during times of travel, a wallet by Secrid is the perfect solution. Don’t sacrifice the safety of your personal belongings, keep everything secure and organised with Secrid.

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