Collection: BUM BAGS

No matter if you call them Bum Bags, Hip Packs or Waist Bags they are a great way to carry your wallet, car keys, mobile phone & water bottle.  Many of our customers use them if they are taking their dog for a walk, going to the park, going to raves or concerts and also to keep their hands free when travelling. At Sydney Luggage, we offer a diverse collection of bum bags not limited to nylon, polyester, and leather.


Fashion, Convenience, and Function in One

Bum bags have emerged as the ultimate style statement to complement outfits on various occasions. Leather bum bags, for example, elevate a simple outfit into street chic. These modern-day essentials redefine how you carry your things — hands-free, comfortable, and incredibly practical! 

Besides being undeniably fashionable and useful, bum bags are excellent for protecting your belongings. Worn close to your body, they provide an added layer of security for your personal effects. 

Find the Latest Nylon, Polyester, and Leather Bum Bags Here

Whether you are looking for bum bags or sling bags, Sydney Luggage is your ultimate source of quality, style, and variety. Our collection boasts a range of designs, materials, and colours to match your unique style and needs. Elevate your fashion game by grabbing our hottest bum bags in-store today!