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When it comes to travelling in style, one name stands apart from the rest: Samsonite. They’re the makers of some of the finest luggage in the world.

But Samsonite makes more than just luggage…

Get carried away with Samsonite’s collection of leather wallets and more. Made from full-grain leather, they’re the suavest accessories around. And because Samsonite are the experts when it comes to all things travel, they’ve created a range that’s as security-conscious as it is elegant.

Radio Frequency Identification Security protects you from wireless identity and payment theft, using clever technology to block the mobile scanning devices used by wannabe identity thieves from accessing the chips embedded in your credit cards and passport.

Never before has security looked this good – and it’s all thanks to Samsonite!

Leather Passport Holder features:
  • Exterior made from soft, full-grain leather.
  • An internal layer of metallic material is placed in between the outer layer of leather and the internal lining, thus blocking unwanted skimming of “Paywave” style credit cards.
  • On the right of the Passport Holder, you’ll find five pockets for credit cards, while on the left hand side of the Passport Holder is a flap for holding your passport in place.
  • Includes Radio Frequency Identification Security to protect you against identity and payment theft when you travel.
Dimensions: 10 x 14cm closed, 19.5 x 14cm open.