Travel-bound: With only a Samsonite by your side
27/ May

Travel-bound: With only a Samsonite by your side

It’s been far too long since you treated yourself to a proper holiday. The little things in life keep mounting up to become fat obstacles that separate you from that trip you so desperately deserve. Then… your voyaging instincts kick in.


All the necessary arrangements are made, tickets booked, and you are officially travel-bound. The precious clothes and items lay neatly stacked on your dresser, waiting to board a vessel of their own. Only one last obstacle to contend with; your luggage. The cupboard light flickers awake, sending a musty beam onto your worn and weary suitcase. Tears well in your eyes at the sight of this pathetic excuse for luggage. Your clothes don’t deserve this! You don’t deserve this! If only there was an online luggage store that sold long lasting luxury luggage for discount prices Australia wide…

You need affordable, fashionable, luxury luggage; for the best price…! Enter Sydney Luggage Centre! As you point and click a glamorous mirage graces your vision; the Samsonite Cosmolite. Mon Dieu, with discounts up to 40% off! Scores and scores of luxury luggage brands unfold, but yet, no splendour could be so sweet as a Samsonite sale online.

Perhaps you have seen the Samsonite Cosmolite? Lolling on a chaise-lounge in a pretentiously ornate store window. Despite its overwhelming allure and practicality, the price tag was too insulting, thus you turned away.

Don’t spend exorbitant prices luggage stores charge for luxury luggage when you can find the exact same bags and brands at discount prices at The Sydney Luggage Centre. With travel gear of the utmost quality at sale price, there’s no need to sacrifice events or experiences on your trip just for the luxury luggage you so desire. Shop at the Sydney Luggage Centre and have both!

Whether you need carry on for those weekends away, business luggage for your next work trip, kids luggage, backpacks, laptop cases or perhaps an entire fresh luggage set, the Sydney Luggage Centre has an extensive range to choose from that caters for every trip. Accompanying the Samsonite are world renowned brands such as American Tourister, Victorinox, Pacsafe, Antler and so much more. Located in Sydney, but available online Australia wide, the Sydney Luggage Centre is the hub for quality travel bags that are more than just luggage. With free shipping Australia wide on all luggage orders over $100, don’t sacrifice your trip for style and check out luxury luggage online at the Sydney Luggage Centre.

You are travel-bound. A ticket in your hand, the world’s open arms welcoming you on an adventure of a lifetime – and a valued travel companion by your side protecting all your goodies; your gorgeous Samsonite Cosmolite.

Need suitcases, luggage sets, business luggage or backpack for laptop, or carry on bags for your next trip, cruise or family holiday? Contact Sydney Luggage Centre for travel bags and business luggage: where Australia buys their luggage online. With free shipping in Australia wide on all luggage orders over $100.

At Sydney Luggage Centre, we pride ourselves on customer service. Australia’s BEST online luggage sale with cheapest PRICES on Samsonite, Victorinox, Antler, Pacsafe, American Tourister, suitcases, and luxury luggage brands. Sydney Luggage is open 7 days in store or online 24/7 for their customers. Australia’s best online luggage sale. We sell all discount luggage brands – Samsonite, Victorinox, Antler, Pacsafe, American Tourister, High Sierra, Hedgren,Guess, Black Wolf, Osprey, Billabong, Trunki, Travel Guard, Piquadro, Mandarina Duck, Burton, Paklite luggage and travel bags Australia. Free Shipping orders over $100. – COMMON AND UNCOMMON!
Sydney Luggage sells a huge range of travel bags and luggage online, located in Sydney, Australia. Please contact Sydney Luggage Centre if you need advice about buying luggage for business, suitcases, luggage sets for overseas, carry on and cabin baggage, kids luggage/kids travel bags and more.
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